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We help women dig deeper into their God-given purpose, push past fears and execute their dreams though coaching, community + faith infused resources.


How To Get Involved With The Community

Join The Private community

Become a #soulbeauty and join the tribe of over 20,000 women all seeking a Christ centered life. 

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Register For A Course 

Learn how to dig deeper into your God-given purpose, push past fears and execute your dreams through group coaching programs, workbooks + online workshops.

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Take The 7- day prayer challenge

This challenge is designed to help you finally get clarity on your purpose and help you stick to a prayer routine. Click the button below and you'll be able to access the challenge right away. 

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Community Testimonials

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“Hi, I'm Fatima Farmer. I’m the founder of the SoulBeautyChat which is a faith based community for women who want to dig deeper into their God given purpose.”

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