You’re ready to discover your God-given purpose, but you struggle to hear from God and stick to a prayer routine...

The 7 Day Prayer Journaling Challenge teaches you how to build a solid prayer routine and how to hear from God while setting Goals that align with your purpose. 

Within the next 7 days you will have:

  • A much stronger prayer life
  • A clear understanding of how to walk in your purpose with God by your side
  • 3 Christ centered goals and a plan to work towards them. 

Fatima seamlessly blended faith throughout the journaling exercises. I enjoyed that the challenge made me think and visualize my end goal. Prior to that I didn’t have a plan, but after taking this prayer journaling challenge, I realized that my goals are attainable. Fatima is very attentive to your end goals and makes it easy to put your ideas and thoughts into action. If you’re on the fence just sign up, you won’t regret it!

— Luny Nicholas

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- Enter your information in the form that says "Sign Up Here". 

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-Download your workbook, read the instructions and start day 1 of the challenge

Here's What We'll Cover: 

Day 1 - Clarity 

You'll get clarity on your desires and goals. 

Day 2 - Fear 

You'll understand what's holding you back from moving forward with those goals. 

Day 3 - Values 

You'll understand what your core values are and if they are aligned with your plans.

Day 4 - Mindset

You'll change your mindset and start to expect abundance in your life.

Day 5 - Surrender 

You'll learn how to yield to the holy spirit and seek God's will first. 

Day 6 - Negativity 

You'll reframe your thinking and change the way to speak to yourself. 

Day 7- Focus 

You'll realign your goals with God's vision for your life. 

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  • You're ready to build a stronger relationship with God
  • You've tried to hear from God in the past, but you aren't sure if that was him
  • You know that you have a bigger purpose in life and you are tired of playing small
  • You feel like God is upset with you because you've been distant for so long


  • You want a program to solve all your problems for you
  • You are closed minded and think that God isn't real
  • You aren't committed to the challenge for the next 7 days
  • You don't want to walk in your God-given purpose, you just want a quick plan to success




I'M Fatima, You're new empowerment coach! Since Starting my business, I've helped thousands of women just like you: 

  • Understand their God-give purpose

  • Build a closer relationship with God

  • Create a plan to effectively execute their goals

My number one priority is ensuring that you have all the tools necessary to finally start walking in your purpose from a faith based perspective. My second priority is to remind you that you are not alone on this journey. Think of me as your sister in Christ, prayer partner, motivational cheerleader and your coach guiding you along this path. I know exactly how hard it is to build a relationship with God from scratch. My programs + coaching services won't solve your problems for you, but it will lighten the load. 

I just finished listening to the prayer from the journaling challenge and ya’ll. I’m in tears! Fatima Farmer spoke directly to my soul!

— Denaye Varner
Since I graduated university, I’ve been battling feelings of doubt, disappointment, and insecurity in regards to my career. Doing this challenge has made me realize how low my self-esteem is in regards to my mind and my abilities. Now that I am truly aware of how deeply rooted my issue is, I am more than willing to take the steps to change. I would definitely recommend you to a friend or whomever. Honestly, it felt as if I was speaking to a friend. I received so much clarity from this. Therefore, I have no doubt that others will find your help beneficial to their lives.

— Alaina Houser
I feel like you’re an older sister and mentor. I would love for other women to feel that inspiration from you! I loved everything. I wish it was longer because I enjoyed it so much. This challenge kept me excited and on my toes. I couldn’t stop thinking about what we learned. You will leave feeling more confident about your passions. Fatima is personable, inspiring and understanding. I can’t wait for future programs!”
— Celahiah Daniels


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"God is calling you, Equipping you and preparing you according to his purpose."