Day 3: Value Based Intentions

Affirmation: “I will honor myself and my values. I choose to live the life that I deserve. All my desires are just waiting for me to show up.”

Prayer: Listen to or read the prayer below.

Dear God, when I sit back and envision my life I don’t see the current reality that I’m faced with. Lord, when I think of my ideal life I see happiness, joy,  love, peace, freedom, flexibility and traveling. I am craving all of these desires. You promised to bless the desire of my heart if they align with your will. I am trusting you to pour blessings into my life like never before. I believe that your will is going to be completed in my life. This time God, I am choosing you. I will continue to walk with you. You’ve promised me the fruit and it’s almost harvest season. I trust you God to make my path a new. I trust that all my dreams will manifest with hard work and by focusing on you. I am no longer chasing the success or approval of my peers I want what you want for me. If you aren’t in it God I ask that you remove that desire from my heart right now. Amen!”

Share in the comments below: One value you’ve discovered about yourself about completing today’s exercise.

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