Welcome | 7 day prayer journaling challenge

Welcome Soul Beauty, 

If you’re here… CONGRATULATIONS! This means you’re committed and serious about getting your ish together... finally. I’m happy for you. If you follow each day through to the end I can promise that by the end of the week you will have a much stronger prayer life and a clear understanding of how to walk in your purpose with God by your side.

Here's a few tips to help you make the most of the this challenge. 

  1. Go at your own pace. 
  2. Create a quiet space to focus for at least 10 mins each day to work on the journal prompt. 
  3. Print or save all the worksheets on your computer/phone. 
  4. Set a reminder on your phone for the same time each day. #majorkey
  5. Bookmark this page so you can quickly access the next day.

I pray that this prayer challenge is helpful to you on your walk. If you have any questions during the challenge please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at soulbeautychat@gmail.com.

Let's get started!

Click this button to download the entire workbook, written prayers and exercises.

Click this button to access all the audio prayers. Leave the page open in your browser for easy reference.