Sometimes God Delays Your Dream by Design

I have a confession...Faith has been on my "to do list" all year. I made excuses, started building it, got distracted, started again, stopped again... Shall I continue? I guess it's safe to say it's a process like everything else in life. However, over the past few weeks it's been developing more and more. Today I was reading my bible app and I came across a section in a "plan" I'm reading called, " God's Dream For Your Life". Here's a snippet of the plan: 

For a long time I kept my "faith" separate from my "brand" because honestly I'm still figuring it out and I wanted to avoid conversations about things I don't fully understand yet. However, after my little rant yesterday I felt like I had to share this with you guys. It's exactly what I needed to see as a reminder to keep calm and carry on.

"Sometimes God Delays Your Dream by Design"

What's your thoughts on this?