3 Tips For Discovering Your Passion + Purpose

PASSION:  a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

We hear people talk about it all day on social media with beautiful quotes to match. However, most people often leave out how to figured it out. Some people have always known what their passion was and others haven't. If you are one of those that haven't don't worry! Most people take years to figure this out. Although there is no deadline on when you need this answer if you've dreamed of living a life where you can no longer work for someone else, then now may be a good time to start asking yourselves these questions.

Keep reading for 3 simple questions that will get you on your way to discovering your passion & purpose.

1. What are you willing to do for free?

Think back to your childhood memories... what did you spend most of your time doing? Was it painting, writing or dancing? These are all hobbies that you loved because they were fun to you. They didn't feel like work then and most likely if you still love it you are probably still doing it in some way as an adult. 

2. What are you naturally good at?

Start generating a list of things you've always been naturally good at. There's a pretty good chance that it's one of those hobbies you mentioned above. It may even be something you don't do that often, but when you do it everyone is wondering how it you do it so naturally. If you aren't sure about this one ask a few friends or family members for their opinion.


3. What will people pay for?

This is the baseline of finding your purpose. How can you turn that hobby that you are naturally good at into a service or product that someone would pay you for? Once you've figured out those two components you're almost there. Now take action and start doing the work to make that vision into a reality!

Still not sure what your passion is or how to marry it with your purpose?

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