New Year + New Goals


Happy New Year ladies! I hope it has started on a good note for you. I can personally say that it has been a test for me physically so far. Last week I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which sounds pretty scary when I say it like that.. well in all honesty it is some days. However, I'm working through it and not letting it stop me from doing great things this year. 

This year is all about making plans and not resolutions. Year after year we make these lousy resolutions that we always drop like a bad habit by February.

This year challenge yourself to make a plan instead. Create clear goals and a plan to achieve each one! 

Some of my goals include: 

  1. Travel abroad at least once and make at least 4 other small trips
  2. Buy or lease my dream car
  3. Attend at least two networking events or new events each month
  4. Post youtube videos consistently 2x per week
  5. Blog at least 2x per month
  6. Launch a support group for my community of readers, subscribers and followers (DONE!) 

I'm proud to say that one of these are already done! You can check it out here:

 So what goals are you cooking up for 2016 and more importantly how do you plan to get there? 

Are you looking to grow personally and mentally this year? Interested in meeting beautiful likeminded women on the same journey? Then you will LOVE the #PassionPurposeGroup. Can't wait to see you all there!