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What Snowboarding Taught Me About Life

Just a few weeks ago I went snowboarding for the very first time on a winter re-treat with job.

Disclaimer: I am not an athlete by any means.

When I was in the 6th grade I joined the cheerleading squad aspiring to be like my big sister. After a few days I hated it due to the excessive amount of smiling that was required and the terrifying stunts I had been asked to perform. After that very short stint I joined the color guard team my junior year of high school and somehow made co-captain with my two best friends. For as long as I can remember coordination was always a challenge for me. In all honestly any type of physical movement was a challenge. Mainly because I hated the idea of looking like an idiot in front of people. That all changed back in 2014 when I became a licensed Zumba instructor, but that's a different story for a different day.

With age comes the feeling on letting go of childhood insecurities and worrying about looking stupid. Don’t get me wrong I still think about it every once in awhile, but that thought doesn’t stop me from doing things anymore. Now at the age of 25 I willingly challenge myself to uncomfortable situations. Nothing grows inside a comfort zone.

Right before hitting the slopes I began to get terrifying feelings about my choice to snowboard. “Maybe I should switch to skis”, I thought. “Why am I the only girl taking the snowboard lesson?, It must be a lot harder.” I told myself and others who asked if I was excited.

“You will be completely out of your comfort zone, but it’s going to be a blast", said a fellow co-worker when I asked him what to expect. He was absolutely right!

Here’s The 3 Things Snowboarding Taught Me About Life

  1. You Will Fall:  We all go through a rough stage at some point. We have to trip, stumble and look stupid in order to learn a new skill. The key here is to just get right back up and try again. It won’t be easy. I literally fell directly on my face within 5 seconds of trying the first basic spin. It hurt like hell, but after that initial fall I knew that I could take the pain and it wasn’t as terrifying anymore.

  2. People Will Judge You: Did I mentioned that during that first face landing I was in front of the entire group of ski goers from my job, the rest of the fellas that decided to snowboard  and a few children that were getting lessons for the first time as well? I knew that other people were watching, but I didn’t hold back. I kept trying and asking questions. When others looked my way I just blew it off and continued to keep working at it. I even laughed at myself when I struggled to walk up the bunny slope hill with my board strapped on. Laugh out yourself, pray or cry. Do what ever it takes and keep going! 

  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help: Although everyone else caught on rather quickly I struggled and I mean really struggled. So I let the instructor know that I could use some extra help. I asked the others for tips to help me get another perspective. The only way to get help is to ask. Don’t feel ashamed to speak up and ask questions.

Ultimately, I had an amazing experience and although I went home with a sore body and busted lip I felt so accomplished and proud of myself for pushing past that fear.

What's one thing you are afraid to try? 

 Next on my list is Skydiving(sorry mom)!