god idea

Good Idea or God Idea?

I'll admit, 2016 isn't going like I anticipated. Like most of you ladies(or gents) I had huge goals and major items to check off my to-do list. To be completely honest I was getting a lot done. I'd been traveling, making some money from projects I truly enjoyed and seeing growth.  I was accomplishing those goals one by one when suddenly things came to a halt. I felt an internal shift pushing me to slow down, reflect on the goals I had set for myself and evaluate why. 

I'm the type of person that is always coming up with fresh ideas. For my blog, youtube channel and support group I constantly find myself wondering, "so what's next?". However, not once in the midst of brainstorming and plotting my next big idea did I ever consult with God. I never asked God if this was his idea or just a good idea.

If you've been following me for a while (comment below if you remember my blogspot) you may know that my faith has been something that has always wavered. However, last year I made a commitment to make my faith my number one priority. 

A few weeks ago I realized that it was no longer my priority. I had swapped that in for things like: 

  • Growing my Youtube Channel
  • Launching my product line 
  • Traveling 
  • Producing e-courses 

...and a bunch of other tasks that had no real connection with my purpose or what I believe I was put on this earth do. Most of the milestones I had set were purely for self gain. Although there isn't anything wrong having goals like this, I noticed that I didn't ever consult with God about them asking questions like. 

  • Is this your idea? 
  • Is the timing right? Should I pursue this right now? 
  • How can I help others by accomplishing this? 
  • If I reach this goal, how will that glorify your name instead of my own? 

I found myself feeling disappointed, confused and upset because I knew deep down that these are the types of questions that determine the success of a goal. I also knew that in listening to that inner voice(better know as the holy spirit) I'd be forced to let go of a few projects, tell people no and end a few relationships. After much prayer, I've finally gotten to a point where I am comfortable with simply letting go and following the plan God has for me life. 

Before you kick off your next idea, plan that course, go on that date with the new guy or book that flight ask God, "Is this your idea or a good idea?