How To Create An Abundance Mindset

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Are you living in lack? It's time to shift your mindset.
For most of my life I was comfortable living in lack. Growing up we literally had what we needed and nothing more. I was taught that we had to work hard for the things that we wanted and that everything was temporary. That instilled a fear in me that I would always have to struggle. It wasn't until a few years ago when I really put my faith in God that I realized that he created us to have abundance in life. He doesn't want us to suffer and lack forever. 

The moment I begin trusting him and living my life according to his will instead of my own I finally saw a difference. A difference in my finances, a difference in my jobs and a difference in my relationships. 

Where will you be a year from now? Will you still be living in lack? You have to start changing your mindset and shifting your focus onto God. 

Learn how with this practical bible study podcast. Grab your notebook and bible! 
Ephesians 2:10
Ephesians 3:20
Psalm 8:5

What the heck is #SoulBeauty?

#soulbeauty is a movement, a video series , a podcast and a way of life. 

I created the soul beauty concept a few months ago when I decided to shift my youtube content from outer beauty to inner beauty.  

Although, this concept started as a small series on youtube channel it's now the highlight of my site. I still have a love for beauty and style, but God takes priority in my life now. #soulbeauty is a way to encourage you to look beyond the hair + fashion. 

Let's go deeper!