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Self Care: Loving How You Look + Feel

Recently I made a decision to focus my energy on my spirituality, self-love, appreciation, security, and family instead of focusing on men (dating and sexual relations), social media perception, and fashion trends. Oddly, I noticed that I had been lacking the initiative to take pride in the appearance of my hair, makeup, nails, and clothing selections. What caused this change was my thought process.

  1. I felt like I couldn’t maintain my outer appearance, because I have been too busy with more important aspects of my life.

  2. I kept saying things like “I don’t have anyone to get cute for". As you can imagine, having such a negative mindset did nothing but further destroy one of the main goals that I have been working toward, loving and appreciating myself.  

Self Care Tips

Step 1: Adopt A New Way Of Thinking

Think of positive and confident thoughts. Remind yourself that you’re not caring for yourself for the reactions of others, but simply for self satisfaction. I have an affirmation that I say in the mirror each morning. 

“Okay Queen, It’s time to get ready to meet your public” and then I start my beauty process.

I know it's kind of cheesy, but create one of your own and give it a try. 

Step 2: Keep It Simple And Quick

Let’s be honest! You are not going to wake up every morning in the mood to go through a beauty routine that takes at least an hour to complete. Here's a few ways to feel beautiful when you're on a time schedule.

Wear Protective Styles: They can last anywhere from a week to a month or two and are low maintenance, but they keep you looking on point.

Opt For Staple Items: I dress up my laid back clothing by adding a blazer or cardigan on top. Then pairing it with a chunky heel. I still get to feel comfy, but I look well put together while doing it.

Shorten Your Make-up Routine: My routine takes me no more than 10 mins. I keep my quick routine products in a separate place from the rest of my makeup, so that I can get to it even quicker. Here's some my favorite products.

Do you take more pride in your appearance when you’re dating, looking to date, or posting selfies on social media? What steps do you take to look your best every day? 

Written By | Cecily Wheeler