Purpose Branding - Two Hour Online Personal Branding Workshop

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Purpose Branding - Two Hour Online Personal Branding Workshop


In this workshop I’ll break down HOW TO BUILD YOUR PURPOSE DRIVEN PERSONAL BRAND in 5 practical steps! You know what your purpose is, but do other people know?

  • Do you freeze up every time someone asks you, “so, what do you do?”

  • Do you dread networking events because you are introverted and unsure of how to articulate your purpose to others?

  • Are you in the process of converting your personal social media accounts to brand pages, but struggle with how to do it?

If so, this workshop is for you! I’m here to remind you of what you already know. It’s possible to walk in your purpose with confidence and ease. Now it’s time to tell the world about your passion project or business ideas online and in person.

By the end of our time together you will have:

  • laid the foundation for your passion project or business idea

  • 1 month content strategy 

  • A mission statement 

  • An elevator pitch

  • A Networking toolkit (w/ a special guide for my fellow introverts)

  • And most importantly the Confidence it takes to move forward with a god sized vision 

How will we get there:

  • Step 1. Craft a mission statement: articulate your why to potential clients and collaborators

  • Step 2. Choosing an outlet: Develop a plan to express your purpose and passions with the world (pick the platform that’s best for your vision) 

  • Step 3. Crafting an elevator pitch: Learn how to articulate what you do with confident and ease 

  • Step 4: Build your expertise: Now that you know what you want to be known for, we’ll develop a content strategy to put your message out into the world. 

  • Step 5: Build connections: Learn the best strategies and tips for networking both in person and online 

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