Praise From Happy Clients

“From the moment of connecting, I feel that your energy was genuine and I could feel your passion for what you do - from the faith aspect to the motivate and inspire. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Soul Beauty Chat and even more of an honor to pick your brain in relation to community building around my Purpose Branding. Thank you for allowing me to speak through what I already came up with and being helpful with crafting a more appealing version for this season. More importantly, you gave homework to place the vision from just that into moments of progressive action. I look forward to collaborating with you - continue to be the authentic, resourceful soul that you are. Many blessings!!”

-Tanesha Halstead | Personal Branding Coaching Session

"Fatima seamlessly blended faith throughout the coaching exercises. I enjoyed that the session made me think and visualize my end goal. Prior to that I didn’t have a plan, but after meeting with her, I realized that my goals are attainable. Fatima is very attentive to your end goals and makes it easy to put your ideas and thoughts into action. If you're on the fence just meet with her, you won’t regret it!"

-Luny Nicholas | Career Coaching

“Thank you for offering the session. I gained some perspective about my past experiences and why I may be going through certain feelings. The journals are helping me to identify and address the root causes of certain emotions.”

-Keisha Webster | Fear To Faith Coaching Program

"Fatima was extremely instrumental in getting me out of my rut. I was completely frazzled and unsure of a career path and, at 25, felt I needed a professional's help. Fatima was patient, supportive, and most importantly, helped me come up with a clear and concise path for getting out of my current job and moving into another industry. She went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for coming up with clear and attainable goals for me to complete to achieve my goal."

-Erica Berger | Career Coaching

"Fatima Farmer was so helpful! Although I haven't yet found the job of my dreams, I feel like I'm making progress, and she really gave me a sense of direction in my job search. I'm so glad I decided to reach out to her for help and advice."

-Leslie Soule | Career Coaching

"I had no clue what to expect but I was stuck with no options or ideas on my own. The counseling was fantastic and helped me get ideas and momentum in my career rut. The homework and advice given was so so helpful. But you're only going to get out what you put into it. If you do the suggestions and stick with it, fantastic! She was just short of waving a magic wand for me."

-Beth McGettigan | Career Coaching

"Fatima helped me to clarify my goals and deconstruct negative thought patterns that were holding me back. I highly recommend working with her!" 

-Lydia Murray | Career Coaching

"Before meeting with Fatima I was stuck in a horrible rut and depression. I was extremely unhappy with all aspects of my life, work and health. I just knew something had to change and I needed help getting started. I was adamant about not starting the New Year with the same funky mindset. I learned from Fatima, it is okay to be myself, and shouldn't live up to the expectation or views that others already have of me, and live for myself. She also helped me see the bigger picture, decipher actions I need to implement to succeed in the different aspect of my life I wanted to see improvements. I walked away with a greater sense of self-independence, help with improving my blog and living up to my calling. If you're on the fence about hiring her I would say, just do it!" 

-Stefanie Campbell | Fear To Faith Coaching Program

"Since I graduated university, I’ve been battling feelings of doubt, disappointment, and insecurity in regards to my career. Meeting with Fatima has made me realize how low my self-esteem is in regards to my mind and my abilities. Now that I am truly aware of how deeply rooted my issue is, I am more than willing to take the steps to change. I would definitely recommend you to a friend or whomever because this consultation did not feel trite, awkward, or filled with judgment. Honestly, it felt as if I was speaking to a friend. However, since you do not know me, it was great to listen to a stranger’s opinion so that I may view my issues through another perspective. I received so much clarity from our consultation since you are quite keen and perceptive. Therefore, I have no doubt that others will find her help beneficial to their lives. "

-Alaina Houser | Career Coaching

"I’d rate our session as a 5 out of 5! Before hiring Fatima I’d been unable to get a job that I truly desired. I was also unable to surpass the interview for jobs that I did want. She was very punctual as well as consistent with communication (phone calls). I would wish that phone meetings had a longer duration, but the quality of calls are great nonetheless."

-Chauncey Glenn | Career Coaching

"You helped with building confidence by starting with looking at myself honestly and to identifying and fixing the root of the problem. This one topic spread to a broad range of areas that i wasn’t expecting to touch on but it was great because these things were important to helping build confidence starting from the ground up. I would say that you are definitely easy to talk to and work with. I liked how encouraging and relatable you are and how you use personal experiences and was able to identify the underlying issue and came up with multiple solutions. Also, I liked how you not only gave advice and tips for specific topics but you encouraged interaction and allow me to ask questions. I felt comfortable being open and honest with you. Also, you were consistent and kind from start to finish."

-Brianne Miller | Career Coaching

"I feel like you’re an older sister and mentor. I would love for other women to feel that inspiration from you! I loved everything. I wish it was longer because I enjoyed it so much. This course kept me excited and on my toes. I couldn’t stop thinking of what we learned. You will leave feeling more confidence about your passions. Fatima is personable, inspiring and understanding. I can’t wait for future courses!”

-Celahiah Daniels | Clarity Coaching

"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you and thank God for you for the comparison prayer and the kit in general. I had heard the podcast episode before but, last night I downloaded the cards and the prayer and this morning I listened to the prayer for the first time. Needless to say when it was done, I was in full on tears. Thank you so much. I will be sure to pull this out whenever I feel less than."

-Eriqah Vincent | Clarity Coaching