This workbook + Audio Guide teaches you how to build a strong relationship with God and how to hear his voice to better understand your purpose. 

Are you sick of...

  • Feeling stuck in your spiritual walk?
  • Struggling with getting started as a new christian?
  • Not getting anywhere in your relationship with God?
  • Lacking confidence in yourself and your purpose?

Imagine yourself:

  • Confident in who you are and what your purpose is
  • In a solid relationship with God
  • Navigating in your purpose

Is this for me? This is for you if...

  • You have no clue how to build a relationship with God
  • You have attended church before but you’ve lost the desire to be in God’s presence
  • You have tried to read the bible, but you don’t understand it
  • You have a desire to get closer to God
  • You struggle to hear from God
  • You know God wants more from you, but you don’t know how to read the signs

What's included In The workbook? 


  • Believe: Break down the barriers of what’s hindering your belief in God. Learn the basics of salvation and what it means to be a  christian.
  • Surrender: Understand what it means to truly give it all to God. Learn the basic principles of trusting God to lead your life.
  • Read: Learn how to incorporate daily reading habits of the Bible that you can actually understand. 


  • Study: Learn the basic techniques of dividing the word of God. 
  • Sacrifice: Discover methods to help you purge your life of all things that do not glorify God.
  • Practice: Incorporate daily exercises into your life to live more like christ each day. 


  • Judgement free support from other women on the same journey
  • Access to ask me questions throughout the entire process
  • Six audio guides to walk you through each topic
*images are blurred for exclusivity*

*images are blurred for exclusivity*


This workbook teaches you how to build a strong relationship with God and how to hear his voice to better understand your purpose

  • Basic understanding of what it means to be a christian
  • Know how to connect and hear from god
  • More confidence to walk in your purpose


-Celahiah Daniels, Figure It Out E.Course Participant
"I feel like you're my older sister and mentor. I would love for other women to feel that inspiration from you!  I loved everything. I wish it was longer because I enjoyed it so much!This course kept me excited and on my toes. I couldn't stop thinking of what we learned." You will leave this course feeling more confident about your passions. Fatima is personable, inspiring, and understanding. It's a space for women to share, learn, and grow. I can't wait for future courses! 

"You helped with building confidence by starting with looking at myself honestly and to identifying and fixing the root of the problem.  I would say that you are definitely easy to talk to and work with. I liked how encouraging and relatable you are and how you use personal experiences and was able to identify the underlying issue and came up with multiple solutions. Also, I liked how you not only gave advice and tips for specific topics but you encouraged interaction and allow me to ask questions. I felt comfortable being open and honest with you. Also, you were consistent and kind from start to finish."

— Brianne Miller: Clarity Session & E.Course Participant